Originally Posted: 2005-06-08 11:15am

goodbye, old friend....

i left you on the sidewalk last night with a blue stickie on your face that said "free tv - it works too!".

this morning, you were gone.

i left you last night with the guilt a mother feels when leaving her baby behind in a basket at the door of a stranger. no farewell speech, no going away party - just one unceremonious last glance down at you on the sidewalk as i turned back to my apartment to the excitement of my new relationship.

remember when we met at sears? the dives we lived in? the 5th floor walkups we traveled together?

i want to let you know that it was hard for me to let you go - we shared so, so many experiences together. for so long, you were my portal to the world and my escape from reality. we played games - you met my friends and family - we saw janet jackson's boob - we cried on 9/11 - we cheered as the sox beat the yankees - you made many bad dates tolerable.

i met someone younger, slimmer, more attractive and DTV ready - which has led to me moving on. but you knew that and saw it coming, watching me install her from your corner of our apartment.

sorry if i didn't say too much last night - but the end of relationships can be awkward...

thank you for your many years of companionship - you were always there for me when i needed a friend. sorry if i never told you that.


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