Originally Posted: 2005-04-14 9:57am

A Tip for Cellphone Junkies: A Phone is Not an Invisible Forcefield.

Yes, that was me who ran into you this morning on the way to work and didn't apologize. What did you expect? You were weaving all over the sidewalk like an old drunk trying to get home. It was enough to trying to get around your zombie carcass in the first place. Am I supposed to predict your next thoughtless sideways move based on the pseudo-voice coming through that piece of plastic?

Next time you have to take or make a call, instead of pacing around like you're in a protective bubble, why not try standing against a building? I know you think you're "multi-tasking" by walking and talking, but you're not. You're only talking and you're in everyone else's way. You are lulled into a state of non-reality when you have that thing against your head. You're the one who should be apologizing for being such a drone. Wake up and snap out of it.

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