Originally Posted: 2005-03-18 10:12pm

Dead mouse

I never imagined that I'd ever post to this part of craigslist before...but seeing you the other day has inspired me.

When: Friday 3/18, around 7:45am
Where: 9 train, heading downtown from 18th street

ME: I was the guy that stepped onto the train, wearing my blue flanel bathrobe (with the little ducks), black AC/DC hat, flip flops, and not much else. I was carrying the freshly caught mouse (dead -- see picture), sealed in the Ziploc freezer bag.

YOU: About 6', gorgeous hazel eyes, frizzy brown hair, tight black leather jacket, black jeans, red wool scarf, reading the new issue of Gastronomica (LOVE that magazine, btw!).

After your eyes fell out of your head, you quickly stood up and caught the old woman that fainted (probably when she saw the mouse). Then our eyes met, and I told you the story about the dream I had about cathing the mouse. See, this was the FIRST mouse I caught since I moved to New York. I heard the mousetrap snap, and I think the sound came into my dream, because I was dreaming about eating in one of those Beni-Hana Japanese restaurants, and the sound of the chef's knife came crashing down on the cooking surface, and I think the sound was actually the mousetrap snapping in real life. Anyhow, I told you how I woke up and found the mouse, and I was so excited that I had to immediatly take it to show my friend Phil who worked at a fancy lamp shop in TriBeCa. You told me I was whacked out of my mind, I got out at Chambers Street, and I forgot to get your number!

this is in or around Manhattan

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