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Cock size: ethnicity doesn't make a difference (from a HAPPY WOMAN)

I think rating cock-size based on ethnicity is fucked up (see one post copied below that prompted my response). First of all, those are inaccurate generalizations (oh and the cut vs uncut issue, too), and, second, probably just "baiting" race hate. Every race has cocks of all sizes. I'll give you a few examples below, just my experience and opinion not meant to be the gospel on men, race, and cock size so don't get your panties in a wad and start with the hate mail. Can't anybody express their opinion without everyone else getting offended and jumping down their throat?!

Oh, PS up front: You haters don't start with all the whore/disease shit and trying to count up the number of guys. I'm a young, attractive, independent woman who loves sex. I am clean, safe and responsible. It's my life and I'll live it the way I see fit. Judge and flame all you haters want. Guys love me and I love them back. Deal with it or not. I don't give a fuck either way. Ok now to my post.

BLACKS: I dated a black guy - tall, dark and handsome. On the first date told me he had a little dick. We had the typical conversation about size doesn't matter but when we eventually did get intimate, he was right. It was really tiny maybe 4" hard, thin and curved, a problem made worse by the fact that he didn't know how to work it (big fucking no-no) and was mad selfish in bed (an even bigger fucking no-no). Another black guy I dated had an average dick (7" and cut) and was also just average in bed 'cuz he was all about himself. Then I was dating another black guy. Not so tall, but dark and mad handsome. He had the biggest, thickest and most beautiful cut dick of almost any guy I've been with. And he knew how to use it and was one of the most unselfish lovers I had ever had. He had a very hairy curly mesh (normally NOT a good thing) but he was very clean and the curls added to the sensation when I was riding on top. We're not together anymore because he travels and isn't loyal.

LATINOS: Have had several Puerto Rican boyfriends (as well as my current). I have found such consistency with PR men - honestly, PR MEN ROCK!! All PR guys I've been with have been well-hung, thick (except one), uncut (yes, that is sooo nice), and trimmed (very nice). And the fact that they were uncut did not mean they were not clean....never had a dirty, nasty, or smelly one yet. It's a matter of the general cleanliness of the person. For me, that uncut cock feels really, really good - something about those PR cocks that look so beautiful. It also makes a big difference that all the PR guys I've been with were incredible lovers - so fucking sexy - SEXY AS HELL!!! Then I've dated a Colombian guy, he had a huge uncut dick, maybe 10" and thick but needed to trim down there. He was so sexy and very freaky. But he was such a playa and didn't want to be safe, so he had to go. Then I had sex with a Domincan guy. He was mad short (about 5'3") but a nice guy, until it came to sex. He was so hateful...and his member was tiny. Around 3" hard. No joke. And it wasn't even thick. He was also selfish (wanted blowjob but no reciprocation and no foreplay) and he didn't know how to use that vienna sausage he called a dick. Of latin guys, he was the only one that wasn't big (not even "not big" just downright tiny) and was selfish, too.

WHITE (American): I dated a white guy (6'2", blonde/blue) whose dick was so little maybe 5" hard, tops. But, "E for effort" 'cuz that guy worked it like no one I've ever seen. He was so giving and tried more than enough to make up for it. He was also skilled with his mouth and hands. He was so fucking sexy, inside and out!! Then I dated another white guy who actually had a big dick (9" but not thick). But too bad, it was only and all about his dick. Just pound, pound, pound, pound, pound......no good!! Very unskilled and uncaring, selfish. The other white guy I dated was average (around 7" not thick) but was pretty good in bed, not selfish and liked to have fun. The three white guys I dated were all cut.

EUROPEAN/FOREIGN: Somewhat limited experience here but the ones I've been with varied in size but all uncut. I dated a German guy. He was so adorable and just loved to have fun in bed. He was average to small (around 5" uncut) but really worked it. He wasn't normally "uptight" in person but in bed was a little "rigid" although he did like to give oral (who knew?). But the one thing I have to say, he needed to trim down there. It was overrun hairy. Another German guy I dated was around 8" but very demanding and selfish in bed, and way too hairy. Terrible. Then I had sex with an Italian guy, what a hot lover! He was around 7" and made love like he hadn't eaten in decades. And he kept saying things in Italian the whole time. Shit! What a turn on. He could have been saying he had to go to the grocery store but it sounded good to me. Then I dated a Russian guy. Didn't sleep with him but he kept pulling out his dick (at inappropriate times, which is probably what turned me off). His dick was very unimpressive, little maybe 4" hard and uncut. Also, too hairy. And his personality was obnoxious, so no sex for him. Oh, and one Brazilian guy. He was probably average maybe 7" uncut. He was just ok in bed. Very basic stuff and a little selfish. So he was a let-down, too.

MIDDLE EASTERN: Have not had sex with any yet, although I "made out" with "Tweety". I think he was Lebanese or Pakistani, don't remember, but he grew up here. I don't know why but he used to tell people he was Puerto Rican or Dominican. Hey Tweety! What a hot guy he was. He put my hand on him when he was hard and it was a little bigger than average. Maybe 8" not sure. It didn't go any further 'cuz he was a MAJOR playa, not willing to be safe, so I wouldn't have sex with him.

JEWISH: Again, no exeperience here except "making out" with a Jewish guy once. He put my hand on him, then started yelling about how I was so forward a girl, how wouldn't take me home to mother (who's this? Superfreak?), and how he would only marry a "sweet Jewish girl" or his family would ostracize him. Jesus! What drama from a little kissing, which he, by the way, initiated. Poor Schlomo! Hey, that was his middle name!

ASIAN: No experience.

So, that in a big nutshell, is my experience and opinion (some, maybe not all). Just wanted to express myself in response to everything I've been reading. Can't we just love one another and stop with all the hate? When it comes right down to it, we're pretty much all just people, looking to love and be loved. I'll do my part to be happy with people around me who want to be happy. I just live my life to the fullest and try to enjoy every moment in whatever I'm doing. I think sex is a big and, hopefully, satisfying and happy part of life, so that's no exception for me. I love men (especially if they're sexy and unselfish) and love making love.

That's it. Love and happy day.



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I am, I have been told many times, a beautiful, thoughtful, and intelligent women who happens to love sex and sexuality in general. I have slept with many, many men, because I felt like it.

In my experience, I have come to the following conclusions about race and its effect on the sizes of men's penises. I have also compared notes with many of my girlfriends about this as well. It seems that the darker the man's skin, the bigger his package. Maybe it is a survival instinct, or a process of natural selection, but it is very, very true. White men, without a doubt, hailing from the Northern European lands, have by far the smallest cocks, save the Oriental Asian Chinese, Japanese, and Korean men. That is why these Northern European men are by far the most insecure of all the races, both consciously and subconsciously, and try very hard to avoid "race mixing," starting "Ku Klux Klans," "Aryan Nations," and other such nonsense, which is just a cover for their fear that their women will be lost to real men, after fucking them. No other race does that, did you ever wonder what the motivation is? Now you do.

The following are my conclusions, in order from the biggest cocks to the smallest cocks:

(In order of Biggest Cocks to Smallest Cocks)

(1) African American men;
(2) Puerto Rican men;
(3) Indian men;
(4) Italian Men (Sicilian only);
(5) Greek men;
(6) Arab men;
(7) Jewish men;
(8) Russian men;
(9) Northern European men (English, French, German, etc.);
(10) Oriental Asian men (Japanese, Korean, Chinese men).

this is in or around Just my Experience

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