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the craigslist online dating FAQ

Anyone whoís been reading MC or the personal ads for a while notices that certain controversies erupt again and again as new people (usually guys) discover the site, read the ads and MCs for a while and find something to complain about. Hereís a list of answers to frequently asked questions so that we can save all the bullshit and flaming. Save this post and the next time someone starts bitching about something email it to them, tell them to not post for a day, read it, and then shut the hell up.

Q. Why do white guys like Asian girls?
A. Itís a cultural norm among white people for attractive girls to be small and skinny. Asian girls are generally small and skinny. Therefore white guys like Asian girls.

Q. Why donít white girls like Asian guys?
A. Generally speaking, white girls are attracted to tall muscular (white) guys. Asian guys generally arenít tall and muscular, or white. Of course there are exceptions to each statement. Such as my friend who is Asian, 5í11Ē, and pretty well built, and gets more Asian AND white ass than he can handle.

Q. Why do Asian girls like (only) white guys?
A. Because generally speaking pretty much ALL girls are attracted to tall muscular guys. Plus Asian-American girls usually grow up living among only white people, so they adopt white cultural norms. And Asian parents donít generally care what race their daughter dates.

Q. Where are the black people in all of this?
A. Black people are a whole nother story, but they don't start flamewars every week complaining about black guys only liking white girls or black girls only liking white guys.

Q. Why do girls always ask for a picture first even if theyíre replying to the guy?
A. Like Chris Rock said, even the ugliest girl gets offered dick ten times a day. Girls have to do something to weed out the non-serious or unattractive ones.

Q. Why do really short girls put ďmust be at least 5í10ĒĒ in their ads?
A. Why do really ugly guys even bother to pursue really hot chicks? It doesn't hurt to aim high.

Q. Why do guys respond to girlsí ads with cock pictures?
A. Because sometimes it works, and you canít tell when. So why not try it all the time?

Q. Why do girls post ads specifying they want a man with money (or "successful", "ambitious", "career-driven")?
A. ALL girls are attracted to money. Some are just more honest about how important it is to them.

Q. Iím a guy. Why isnít anyone answering my ad?
A. Basically, you didnít write one well enough to stand out. Also you said you were short, or poor, or fat (as opposed to "big"). Don't say those things.

Q. Iím a girl. Why isnít anyone answering my ad?
A. Because you didnít post one!

Q. Why do guys always post complaining about how girls' posts are all looking for money, or tall guys?
A. Because theyíre not getting laid!

Q. Why do white girls post complaining about Asian girls stealing their white guys?
A. Because theyíre not getting laid!

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