Originally Posted: 2004-09-10 1:24am

favorite this post An open letter to the creepy roadside litterbugs

Dear Weirdo:

Walking along a highway today I took great pleasure in browsing the items you had presumably discarded out your car window. As I perused the plethora of underwear and shoes, however, a question began to arise inside my little brain. Exactly what activity are you engaged in where you decide that the only logical solution is to fire your pants, and one shoe, out the window?

People would laugh. People would say, "Andrew, you simpleton!", nonetheless. I cannot think of any activity, sexual or non, that would require you to discard your pants from a moving vehicle. Neither can I decide what type of vehicle you would be driving when you fired a can opener and empty can of cat food onto the median. I can only imagine you being a pantsless, one-shoed, RV driver with several dozen cats climbing about.

this is in or around NJ

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