Originally Posted: 2004-08-06 10:32am

I am every MC you've had - m4w

Yes, I’m the guy who was standing in line at Starbucks with glasses, corduroy pants, and a Manhattan Portage messenger bag that shared the split-second stare with you, which in all reality wasn’t even a stare since I also made eye contact with every other person there.

Yes, I’m the guy who got on the 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,j,m,n,r,v, Monday morning at 7:38 in the general vicinity of NYC and was wearing black pants with a black sweater and a briefcase in hand. You smiled and I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into your gigantic breasts” – or at least that’s what I think you thought I said.

Yes, I’m the guy who was working the bar last night at the Bohemia Bar with the gorgeous smile that offered to take you home and give you a good “plug & floss”.

Yes, I’m all of the above because I am stereotypical MC guy.

I am down-to-earth.
I am “interesting”.
I am easy-going.
I am attractive and fit with an athletic build.
I am “funny”.
I am adventurous.
In the past year I have taken 185 romantic walks on the beach, averaging 3.56 walks per week.
Nitzche, Machiavelli, Chaucer, Marx? I have transcended and now read Marilyn Manson, Katie Couric, Oprah.
I drive a bright red SLK230 but do not believe that material possessions bring me joy.

I have an Asian fetish because as a white male I crave a submissive, light-skinned, wanton, underage sex kitten. But since I only consider myself a mongoloid (because I do not subscribe to the current fascist definitions of race and ethnicity) I am willing to date you because it will dilute any racist perception of me.

I hate dot-commers. I hate yuppies. I hate hipsters. I hate SF natives. I hate SF transplants. I hate neo-Nixon hippies. I hate SUV driving Andronico shoppers. I hate VW bug-with-12,000-piece-hood-ornaments-so-I-can-impale-small-flying-marsupials-if-I-wish drivers.

I troll missed connections everyday in hopes of reading a posting that vaguely resembles a situation I could have been in 2 weeks ago somewhere. Anywhere. Jesus, for the love of god, please let it be about me. But eventually I just end up responding to flame bait.


Because I am stereotypical MC guy. Love me.

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