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Originally Posted: 2004-08-06 10:24am

100 Days of Casual Encounters VS. 1 Night at a Bar on 57th Street

SWM Seeks.....


okay, its like this..

When I'm in the subway or on a bus, on the sidewalk or at work, I always get looks from women. This is good for my ego, since I haven't been that sexually active in a few months.

When I'm posting on this site or responding to dozens upon dozens of women and I never receive a single itty bitty response from potentially ugly and pyschotic women, I get a little down on myself, which is not good for my ego.

Craigslist was bringing me down.

So I did the unimaginable and left my cubicle and went to a bar.
Met a beautiful girl named M. that was sitting next to me.

I didn't have to tell her my age, height, weight, that I was drug and disease free... I didn't have to tell her what body type or race I was attracted to... I didn't have to write her an erotic story about what I wanted to do to her... I didn't have to inflate myself to ensure I got a response..

ALL I had to do was be myself, smile, listen and flirt a lot.

Within just over an hour I had kissed her in the back of the place waiting for the bathroom.

Within 2-3 hours we were in a taxi heading for Queens straddled by Miss M. kissing her quite passionately.

By the end of the night we had very mutually satisfying, unkinky, un-contrived, pro-condom, good old fashion sexual intercourse and we kissed some more and I went home.

We spoke this morning already and I have no regrets and I am just too damn happy to be at work today..

And I am too damn proud to let this terrible dating service of craigslist bring me down today, so goodbye computer and hello sex life.

this is in or around My Satisfation

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