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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Internet discussion turns into deadly meeting.

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Craig's List (http://www.craigslist.org) is a San Francisco based community-oriented website that has categories for apartments, events, personals, jobs, and sometimes heated debates. It began when an anonymous person posted a message on the New York City section of Rants & Raves, a forum to discuss just about any topic. The poster wrote a message commenting on the new reality show "Growing up Gotti," which will air on A&E. The message mocked Victoria Gotti's sons and their appearance, and suggested that they look up to the Sopranos as role models. If that wasn't enough, the writer used several ethnic epithets and profanities. Soon after, several people were offended and an angry threatening exchange of messages ensued.

Apparently two users of the message boards, William Brown a Bronx resident, and an unidentified white male, had sent threatening e-mails to each other and agreed on a time and place to meet, a public schoolyard in lower Manhattan. Reminiscent of a scene straight from West Side Story, the two men and their groups showed up. Witnesses say an all out brawl immediately erupted and lasted for about 10 minutes. When the melee finally stopped, several men were laying on the ground, some unconscious, with severe injuries. One witness recounted how there was blood spewed all over the ground and some of the men were moaning in pain. Immediately following the altercation, witnesses at the scene described how the men drove away in a white Lexus while laughing hysterically, although they failed to remember the license plate number. Police are still searching for the suspects described as four white males in their late 20s.

Associated Press Writers Daniel Rubin, Karen Pearlman and Jack Adams contributed to this report.

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