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I hate Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, the Simpering Simpson sisters, Paris Hilton, Renee Zellweger's pouty fucking face and I want to puke bloody chunks of bile when I see Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I equally DESPISE Michael Douglas, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Kelsey Grammer.

I hate insects. I hate cold wet coffee grounds, I hate the sidewalks in August that reek of piss, dogshit, and ripe garbage. I hate the hookers on my corner for flirting with my boyfriend and for sticking their teenage asses out like submissive monkeys before thier prince.

I hate that the deli guy is always on the make when I go in there and I hate that in order to avoid his sweaty lechery I need to walk a block out of my way for my fucking Snapple.

I hate all the women in my office who want to bond over their vaginas...I don't think talking about our discharge and our periods make us closer. Big fucking deal. I don't want to hear about your sex life with your husband or lack thereof, either.

I hate that I only own one comfortable pair of shoes but after walking three blocks in them I'm sliding all over the place from my freaky foot sweat.

I hate the bitches that do my nails because I know they're talking schmack about me.

I hate that my exboyfriend is more successful than me and wouldn't be where he was if it weren't for me but that some dizzy bitch is benefiting from the HARD WORK I PUT IN civilizing that caveman and sitting pretty with his high ass salary. That motherfucker didn't have SHIT when he was with me. Pisses me off.

I hate Hollywood movies. I hate that they're $10.50 and Manhattan is a soulless slut and is the only place on EARTH that doesn't have reduced price mattinee shows. SOULLESS SLUT WHORE BITCH CITY!

I hate all this racist shit but I also hate certain members of certain races...I can admit I don't hate the WHOLE race, but damm if I end up in a movie theater with black people (Kip's Bay is the worst), and Indian men in my neighborhood hiss at me, it's disgusting, AND in particular I absolutely hate all you fucking uptight uptown ivy league hoity toity assholes.

I especially hate stockbrokers, you disgusting bottomfeeding date rapists extraordinaire. I loathe your cheesy attitudes, your raging coke addictions and your Madonna Whore Complexes. You're dying to fuck ME, Little Miss Princess of the Working Class but you'd NEVER haul my ass out to the Hamptons, would you??? No, I'm just your local bartender pouring drinks down your fucking fat necks and taking your hoping-for-sex tips. Fuck you. We ALL fucking hate your asses.

I hate all you drunk fucks. I need your money, but I secretly loathe you. You don't see your personalities changing and you turn into completely horrific specimens of humanity and GOD FORBID if you're doing coke at the same time because then on top of being a dickwad, you think you're the COOLEST SMARTEST dickwad. I bless Bloomberg because your rabid need for cigarettes gets you out of my face once in a while.

I hate my roommate. I hate my neighborhood..it used to be a best kept secret now it's overrun with those little whelps who think they invented "hip"...

I also hate my family, my ass, my lumpy fucking futon, and pretty much every single fuck on this R*R site...true believers of ANYTHING scares the shit out of me. You're all dogs foaming at the mouth but tethered to a tree, barking for naught. Barking for naught.

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