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Originally Posted: 2004-07-23 10:03am

Things I've learned from CL...

Things I've learn from my experiences with the Craigslist "community":

Furniture Section:
* Chic means UGLY
* Retro means OLD

Electronic Section:
* Does ANYONE know what the fuck depreciation means anymore???. I know we all aren’t vendors, but once something is used (1 day or 10 years) you will NEVER get retail value of it. ESPECIALLY electronics and computers!

Computers Section:
* At any moment there are 200 conscienceless leeches ready to take advantage of some poor computer-illiterate soul and sell them a piece of crap at a 50% markup.
* People REALLY should know the value of their machines before they list them. (Computers are considered obsolete 6 months after you buy it, so yes that $2,000 machine u brought 2 years ago is barely worth $300 now)

* For some reason, "I want" somehow becomes "I deserve .... for free” or “so ridiculously cheap you might as well give it to me for free”

* Massage (from male): "I want a blowjob, but hookers don’t accept my carpentry skills as monetary value"
* Massage (from female): "I'll give you a blowjob, but if I do it for objects/services instead of money then my conscience says I'm not a whore"

Help wanted:
* YOU BASTARDS ARE DIGUSTING CAPITOLIST PIGS, some of your "internships" only an expert would be qualified for, who would bypass your $10 a hour because he/she knows damn well he/she deserves $80 an hour. HELLO??
* Slave labor internships: “Though you may be 22 year old financially struggling junior in college I'd gladly offer you a metrocard for 20 hours of devout servitude.” (Btw, who cares if my company is a fortune 500, I need the money to support my drug habit)

People in the Discussion Forums:
* People with WAY to much time on their hands and ‘illegitimate’ egos, if anyone's seen the “Television” forum, then you’ve unfortunately come across

People in Missed Connections:
* "You're hot and I know you're out of my league. So I didn’t waste my time walking up to you knowing I would have been rejected HOWEVER I am hopeful that with the slight possibility I did have a chance, u read CL and will get back to me, this way I'm not rejected just "missed, so now my ego is still in tact"

People of Casual Encounters (though good for laughs):
* 95% Men
* 4% Gay men/kids pretending to be women (for laughs or kicks, whatever the reason)
* 1% female
* You really are a dumbass if u cant tell the difference between the girls and the "girls." ads then again, I'm a female, I think w/ my brain

People Rants/ Raves:
* People bored at work (like myself)
* Unemployed people with nothing else better to do
* People w/ no control over their lives and must take their aggression (towards women, blacks, gays, the man) out on us
* People who sleep better at night knowing correcting someone else's grammar was really a "good-comeback" - NOT!
* People who somehow feel making the 'Best of List' is a life accomplishment, no matter how sarcastic or phony their story must be
* People incapable of independent thought or supporting an opinion w/ facts not other opinions "Yeah fuck bush... b/c I/he said so"
* Schizophrenics or people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder .
* People in need of intense therapy
* People who posts numerous threads pretending to be other people to support their original statment, WE ARE ON TO YOU
* MY PERSONAL FAV: People who NOT SO CLEVERLY disguise their rant or rave as a personal ad. For example:
- * "God I hate my job, why does the job market suck for such a beautiful 5'9 white female like myself with perfect teeth."
- * "I don’t understand why I don’t have a woman, I'm **insert good qualities here**...."
- * "I'm having such a wonderful day, too bad I'm single and rich."
- * "I just dont understand ... I'm hot but only gay guys pick up on me"
If only you people realized your physical description has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO W/ YOUR STORY. Go to the personals, b/c seriously you're not fooling anyone. And if you do, be afraid... be VERY afraid of that poor soul.

Thanx for the learning experience CL, I thank you also for the great amusement. Everyone else feel free to share what you have learned!


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