Originally Posted: 2004-07-22 2:35pm

New York State Pen - m4m

I did time for kiddie porn, you were in for arson and rape. We shared a cell for 14 hours while you were waiting to be moved to c block. You farted and I fell for you. We felched for hours, then you got moved. I wished to god I knew where you were. I shaved your back and you barked like a doberman. Then you did that little toilet trick right before we built a fire out of toilet paper and painting supplies. You pretended to be tonto and I was a lonely indian girl with feathers i pulled from my dirty pillow. We used a smuggled kitchen knife to unscrew the bedframe so that we could make a frame for a teepee. maybe we could relive the spirit world on the outside.

if your still locked up, i'll be waiting for you when you break free. break free you tortured soul. break free.

with love,
Bob "little chieflet". "bobby standing squirrel of the plains"

you know who I am, you rascal.

this is in or around holding cell 13

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