Originally Posted: 2004-05-29 7:33pm

Of Porn and Loss

There was a time, about 10 years ago, when I cherished each and every woman I slept with. No matter her cup size, waist measurement, length of legs, down there trim, color of hair, vocalness, hip gyration ability, or tightness of ass I was happy. More than happy.

What has happened to that blissful, simple pleasure, my joyous contentment with the natural female form? I have become turned off by the sweet size A, the short legged beauty, the quiet orgasm. I need an ass of steel, a double D, hips that ride like a roller coaster. I demand a brazilian bikini, a taker in the ass, a deep throating, cum guzzling gymnast. I'd rather watch videos than fuck a lady lacking in the qualities I demand. The women I sleep with are boring, too fat, too skinny, flat chested, hairy, whores. I want a virgin. Of course, a virgin who exhibits everything I crave.

That once pure love of the fairer sex has been sucked away into my long shelf of porn videos, a flat screen tv, the pc. At first it was fun. An entertaining hard-on, a quick realease. The secret of woman exposed. Years went by. Cum after cum. The movie stacks grew taller, my time in this body shorter, wasted on one fake scene after another. Fantasy now better than reality.

Unless reality can be perfection.


this is in or around my head my bed

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