Originally Posted: 2004-05-27 2:01pm

Missed Connection w/ ol' lady crotch in Bryant Park

Dear older lady sitting in Bryant Park who thinks she is Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct-

I wanted to thank you for giving me (not to mention the rest of the park) a lovely view of your crotchety crotch this afternoon. It was thoroughly nauseating. While you were pretty (for an older lady), this does not give you the right to wear miniskirts and show off your privates. I also found it very rude that you took up three chairs--one for you body, another so you could put up your feet and flash your special place at me, and a third for your bag. Did you not notice the number of people looking for chairs in the park? I have all sorts of dirt on my ass because i had to sit on the steps. In any other situation, I would've come up to you and asked for one of the chairs, but in this case, i didn't want to get too close to your crotch. Perhaps you are a clever genius and use your flashing as a deterrent to potential chair-stealers. If this is the case, I salute you. But, I somehow doubt it is. Anyway, listen up lady, I like Bryant park--it is good for people watching, NOT vagina watching.


The girl sitting on the steps

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