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Originally Posted: 2003-12-31 4:57pm

(photo) The story of the free desk (5ft x 3ft)

This desk has a history already. It's a good desk, extremely stable (you can dance on this thing, it's so strong), with 3 deep drawers for storing tons of stuff, and handles you can change if you want to upgrade the look. It's a great utilitarian office desk but it's also a nice satisfyingly big workspace 5ft x 3ft so you can cut fabric, make ballgowns on it, whatever.

More info below:

So, I tried giving this desk away. Good things and bad things have come of it, but the desk still sits here in my East Village living room (such that it is), waiting patiently.

The first time around, one silly little girl told me it was ugly (good thing the desk doesn't have ears - did either of us really need to hear this?) and then said that she'd be back for it tomorrow. She then failed to confirm and showed up at my door unannounced while I was at breakfast and we missed the pickup and then she made me wait around for most of the day only to cancel. She showed me that it is a lot of work, sometimes, to try and give something to someone.

Then a man wanted the desk, a very nice man who spoke little English but could say "Thank you" and "I appreciate you so much" very succinctly. He arranged for a truck to pick up the free desk in the early morning and we set up a time and then he disappeared.

Then a guy called asking about a desk for a friend who was moving in. The desk turned out not to suit the purpose she needed, but he turned out to be this fascinating guy with a lot of good ideas, a subtle talent for revenge on in-laws and a bunch of cool houseplants, not to mention free booze to clear out while he was moving. Since neither of us are big drinkers, we didn't make a huge dent in the supply but we did sorta invent a new drink (or he did, rather). A yucky one. I laughed, I coughed, I sweated in my pleather jacket. It was a good night.

Then a girl driving in from Tennessee wanted the desk and was going to swing through the East Village to pick it up on her way to Brooklyn. Things ran late and we tried to meet up the next day before she was to return the rental van...but it turns out the truck either got stolen or impounded overnight, so she had no way of picking up the desk. Though I have to admit that my desk was now the least of her problems. Real nice gal though - I feel like I've made another friend because of this desk.

Now here the desk sits, waiting patiently, not quite like Shel Silverstein's Giving Tree, but I still have high hopes for it. It deserves to be more than sidewalk decoration. It deserves a van or truck to come pick it up, and to live in your warm home while you do nice creative stuff on it. (No, not surf porn, silly!)

Please adopt my desk. Now you know its pedigree, and now I know that I can't just throw things on the sidewalk. Oops. It would be easier if I could.

If you want it, please come pick it up tonight. Anytime, as I will be packing and painting my apartment walls back to white (call earlier though, so I can arrange to be here if need be. I would prefer a pickup before 8 or 9pm if possible, thanks!)

You'll need a truck or van, but I have a driveway we can borrow so parking won't be an issue. I am on the first floor so it's an easy move. You'll need a friend or two to help carry it, as it needs to be angled round the doorway, but it's 2 ft from the front door so this is probably only going to take a few minutes once we have additional muscles.

And if it's not too much to ask, I would love a photo of the desk in its new home - hehe!

Happy new year, everyone.

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