Originally Posted: 2005-10-05 7:40pm

MC with three-legged guy in mid-town bathroom (& my dignity) - w4m

okay, I've sunk this low. I'm posting on Craig's list to find I guy I watched pee in a men's room in a midtown bar. Can my life get any sadder?

Well, here it goes. We "met" on Friday, when I made a joke about how unfair it was that you have such a short wait to pee compared to mine (the ladies room was OUT-OF-CONTROL), and you (jokingly?) offered me your spot in the men's room line. You had the most amazing green eyes, and I got so dopey looking at them I had to ask you to repeat yourself.

And I, drunk as a skunk, took you up on it, and went right in when the next guy came out. (much to the surprise of the OTHER guy still using the urinal). When I came out of the stall, you were just getting to said urinal. Of course, (again, I was quite plastered), I thought you would like some company while you drained it, so I came over to talk to you.

You were either really drunk, really tolerant, or really confident (or all three), cause you didn't miss a beat. I think I asked you your name and what you did, and I think you said something about opera(?), but I don't really remember. What I DO remember was drunken-open-mouthed staring at your massive, beautiful cock like a retard schoolgirl. I simply did not know that they came in that size. Holy crap.

What I SHOULD have done is grab that big ol' handle of yours, pull you into the stall and get busy. I SHOULD have woke up this morning unable to pee, with a new definition of SORE...

But even drunk as I was, what I DID do was:

1. get really embarassed,
2. try to wash my hands at a sink that clearly did not work,
3. make some muffled comment about my sister's dildo,
(which was creepy AND made no sense)
4. hit myself in the face with the door on the way out, and
5. left the damn bar

Not exactly the stuff of legend. So much for my penthouse forum letter.

So I'm thinking, why not give myself ANOTHER chance to make a fool of myself?

So, without ANY guarantee's that I won't turn bright red and run away... again... I'd love to meet you again, maybe for coffee? After all the stuff I just went on about, it's going to sound odd, but I really remember thinking that you were funny and nice. (It's got nothing to do with your eyes, hot body or third leg. Really. Not a bit. And yes, I am lying.)

Well, I've now hit rock bottom. If this is you, and you aren't completely laughing at me or terrified, hit me with a response. Tell me the bar we were at, and what my shirt said ( I KNOW we talked about that... and you did a bit of staring yourself, young man... naughty naughty. tsk tsk.)

I'll be the one over here under a rock. :)

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