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Originally Posted: 2007-06-26 3:15pm

To My Mother-in-law

Dear Mother-in-law,

You have gotten on my last nerve. Seriously, cut the fucking apron strings already. Stop "dropping by' 5-7 fucking times a week. Call first. If your 'baby' doesn't answer, don't come by, just to see if we're home and not answering. I mean, who fucking does that? And if he doesn't answer, don't call my phone looking for him, then my son's cell phone, then leave some fucking smart ass message on the answering machine that you have called every number we have and NO ONE is answering!!! And then you start all over with calling him, then me,etc...within 3 minutes of leaving that fucking message!! And quit just walking into my house when you get there. Ever heard of knocking? I swear, one of these days, we're not going to see you walking up the driveway and have enough time to scramble and get our clothes back on and you are going to catch your son's big dick in my mouth. How am I supposed to look at you across the table on holidays knowing you saw me doing that? Oh and i KNOW his old loser girlfriends before me didn't mind your incessant calling, dropping by and butting in--you've told me enough times-- but his wife DOES!! We have jobs and kids and lives that don't revolve around you and you trying to stick your nose into every aspect of our lives -from what movie you think is 'appropriate" for your 14 year old grandkid to watch, to where we go out at on the weekends. Nothing and I mean NOTHING we do is any of your fucking business. If I hear you say one more fucking time "OH! I don't think that's right!!", regarding some decision we've made when discip