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money talks

I come back from camping and fishing to this:

The high court's unanimous decision against the providers of the software behind the Grokster and Morpheus networks, distributed by Streamcast Networks, means that companies that intentionally encourage copyright infringement can be held liable.

Whatever, man. This shit makes me want to go Fight Club on corporations and return the creative power of the world to the people - where it belongs. This is ridiculous in so many ways. First, the entertainment complex can't seem to create anything that isn't based on something already produced, film, print, or music. Their entire industry is built upon this infringement they claim so loudly to be a stain upon America's morality. Second, I can't believe that stupid argument still works! The manufacturer does NOT force anyone to do anything! If I use, say, a Yozuri plug to poach a bass, does that make Yozuri liable for making explosive top-water action so freakin' awesome and attractive? NO! I was the one who broke the law, not Yozuri! (Sorry for the fishing reference, but I really want to stop thinking about this stuff and get back on the water.) I hate that a few million dollars is all it takes to cut the populace out of common sense rights. Of course, this means nothing as the genie has been out of the bottle ever since computers started talking to each other. It's the principle of the matter.

Even though this isn't a discussion board, I'm sure a couple of morons will hop all over this. Let me spare you the trouble:

1) The Guy Who Has The World Figured Out And Can't Wait To Give Us The Morality Switch On Our Hedonistic Heinies, Even Though He Completely Misses The Point

News flash: that's the way it works, man. The record companies have to make money, too. You robbing them of revenue doesn't help anything. If you don't like it, remember that no one is "forcing" you to "listen" to music. You don't "have" to do anything. Grow up, douchebag.

2) The Personal Responsibility Lady

look, idiot, you're fucking STEALING!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S YOUR FAULT! I BUY all my CDs from reputable stores. I NEVER NEVER NEVER buy any used CDs because it TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM THE ARTIST! Except for that time I went to Cheapo as part of a bachelorette party and tried to trade some beads for a Frampton CD. BUT THAT WAS IT!

3) The Guy Who Is Apparently From The Phillippines, But Posting On Minneapolis CL

omfg thatz cr8z!!!! wtf?? nelly rox hollaz i dld th@ sh!t seng ot

4) The Good Point Fella Who Gets Shot Down For Spelling And Grammar

I totally no this sux but what can u do? I gess I see they're point because sometimes artists are NOT on big lables and downlodeing music isnt cool because they need munni 2. i personally think that for me i will keep using itunes for some stuff but go to cd sotres for other music thats indiependant so i can support those bands that need money but i will also go to they're shows cuz i dig live music and i herd thats where alot of smaller lable bands make they're cash.

5) The Guy Who's Angry At Minnesota



6) Miss Personal

How dare you accuse me of breaking any such laws? I have never done any such thing and always been very supportive of people who make money from their music. My dad is a musician. He has cancer. Do you think he appreciates not making money because you have an iPod? I have an iPod, too, but my iPod is full of good music THAT I PAID FOR SO I DON'T GET CANCER FROM STEALING MUSIC LIKE MY FATHER THE BANJOIST!

7) The Guy Who Uses thesaurus.com To Sound Smart But Fails Miserably

While I sympathize with your tremendous situation superior the accompaniments of the prevailing legislative failures of our parliament, I would behoove optimistisms that your eloquence upon the royal household be spared as now it is the law of the land and I gormadized another Hershey's ingot because I was carnivorous for it and now my appetance is full with felicity and gusto and another day of upbeat.

8) The Yosemite Sam Mudflap Patriot

Get the fuck outta my country, you communist Osama Bin Down-laden piece of trash. I didn't git Gulf War Syndrome just so's you could git the latest Britney "I'm a whore" Spears album. They should round up all y'all and make you into traitor-kabobs but without pineapples because I taint ever trusted no meat with fruit, fella.

And so forth.

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