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THE Greatest college/single guy furniture ever!!!

On the surface, it's a couch, two chairs (one is a rocker) and a foot rest.

What we really have here is...the greatest college/single guy living room set ever!!! This stuff is totally bomb proof. I'm not kidding! During the 1980's (when this stuff was made), this is what those military folks reclined in while they watched nuclear bombs being tested while they drank martinis...it's that solid!! These frames are made of solid OAK! This shit is heavy and it will last forever! It's like it was designed to be the perfect vehicle for all your, super bowls, epic video gaming sessions, and movie marathons! If you can dish it out, this furniture can take it! Need a place to set your favorite beverage of choice? These arm rests were practically designed to safely support your beer/wine/whiskey/whatever! (Yes... it will hold that too! This stuff is totally 420 friendly and absolutely non-judgmental!) Have a bunch of friends who had too much fun, can't drive home, and you have no place for them to sleep it off??? NOT A PROBLEM!! This stuff is the freaking Swiss Army knife of furniture! Just take the cushions off and make...not one...not two...but three beds!! (Four if one of your friends is a midget!) I've slept on these cushions myself and they are SOOOO freaking comfortable!

College...Milwaukee...Indiana...Milwaukee...La Crosse..Oh, if this stuff could talk, the stories it would tell!!

The support straps were replaced two years ago, so they are totally good for at least another five years or so! It's never been barfed on, never been peed on...nothing...this shit is golden! No pets, no kids, no smokers, no asshole "friends" to screw this shit up! It's like thirty years old, with only fifteen years of wear! Not to mention, (but I totally will) that shit from the 80's is so totally back in style now!

Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd be keeping this stuff 'til the day I died. I love it! It's so figgin' comfortable, like a leather jacket, or that baseball glove that fits just right. I graduated college many, many moons ago...and I have, cherished and enjoyed this furniture that whole time and all the years after. We had fun, enjoyed life, shared experiences, and this living room set was a solid rock we could count on. Friends met friends, friends met wives and partners, epic discussions were had, mind altering experiences were...well...experienced, and this furniture was privy to it all. Then, one day, I met THE ONE. We courted, we married, we settled down, we bought a house, and this furniture set continued to be the central anchor and focus of our home. She wasn't it's biggest fan, she didn't always see it's fullest potential, but, like a trooper, she lived with it. Then, several weeks ago, we were shopping for a new mattress...and...like a Jedi mind trick...the next thing I knew I was signing off on a whole new living room set!!! I couldn't believe it! How could I turn my back on the set that served me for so long?

So, this morning the new new set arrived. My betrayal has been exposed, and now there is tension in the home between the old and the new. So, I am looking for that special someone, that carefree person I used to be, who is looking for the perfect college/single guy's greatest living room set. This stuff carried me through college and beyond! Now,I want to pass it on to someone who can appreciate it for what it is and who can continue to enjoy it. It's yours, free (mostly) for the taking. All I ask in return is, love it, use it, and...in honor of those years of college life I shared with it...a twelve pack of Newcastle (my favorite beer during my college years). You give me a taste of my long gone days, and I will give you the greatest furniture set ever.

Shoot me an email, give me a call.
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