Originally Posted: 2003-03-02 8:10pm

So you're NOT a millionaire model with a ripped bod and luxury car?

That's fine with me. I make my own money. I have a perfectly adequate vehicle. And I've never found blown-out biceps to be of much use other than as a decorative novelty ... and occasionally to open a stubborn bottle of salad dressing -- but even then, if you run the bottle under hot tap water and then whack it on the counter, that usually does the trick.

Thumbnail sketch of the writer: lean, tallish brunette; eclectic interests; a little too independent for her own good. Not a supermodel, but kinda fetching in the right light. Never been described as sweet and gentle, but widely regarded as kind and compassionate. Leans left of center, but shaves her legs and is too damn lazy to compost. A little feisty, but doesn't take herself too seriously and is willing to own up to character flaws.

What I'm looking for: a companion, a sidekick, a partner in crime. I need the person who has the extra key to my apartment in case I get locked out ... the guy who calls me first when his car dies 200 miles away and he needs someone to come get him ... the relationship in which when you call each other, you identify yourselves with "It's me." See, the terrible truth is that I have a lot of love to give but nowhere to put it. True, I could stash it in a storage locker in the Valley, but that seems like a tragic waste of perfectly good affection. Besides, I'm not sure what the shelf-life on this stuff is.

But more specifically, I'm looking for someone in his mid-30 to early 40s with a goofy charm, dry wit, and an appetite for offbeat adventures and Trader Joe's fine dining. Other alluring qualities (the ol' standbys): good manners, humor, fiscally responsible, intelligence (and street smarts), humility, reliability, energy to spare, and a belief in something larger than yourself. Bonus points if you own and use a library card. Insecurities and imperfections welcome.

If you'd like to reply, please tell me what brought you to Craigslist and what you're hoping to find here, as well as anything else you'd like to share about yourself. I don't need a pic. I'm not all that concerned with what you look like. Pretty boys are a dime a dozen. Nevertheless, if you'd like to describe youself, no need to embellish. Perfection is overrated.

>> DO *NOT* REPLY TO THIS POST IF ... you are just looking to get laid ... you drive an SUV because it makes you feel more virile ... you talk on your cell phone at the movies ... you prefer silicon to natural ... you have a gigantic television ... you smoke (that includes nicotine, 420, crack, etc.) ... you do not own a mop ... your job takes precedence over all else OR you have no job ... you have no female friends ... you are supremely confident that you are irresistible ... you can't remember the last time you cried ... you have more than three hair-care products in your bathroom ... you've been indicted for a felony (even if not convicted) ... your ex-girlfriends hate you ... you hate you.

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