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First off, I just want to say that L.A. by and large has some great things going for it and I’m happy that I moved here. However, while the women look pretty on the outside they appear to have left their souls, sanity, and other virtues at the state line!

Here are a few things I’m NOT looking for:

Flakiness: What the fuck is so wrong about being upfront with someone? This entire f’n city is so f’n non-committal it’s re-goddamn-diculous. It’s a city entirely built on dating-up or trading up. Everyone keeps looking instead of settling down and being happy, if only for a little while.

Money Grubbing Whores (MGWs): I’ve been with cheap people before, but you know what? It takes a fuck-load of cash to live here, and years to “make it.” So, why can’t the women of L.A. just have some faith in their men and stick with a guy until he makes it? He could even support you while you are trying to make it. I’m going to be rich, powerful, et cetera, but it ain’t gonna happen over night sweetheart. And really, do you just want to be jewelry for a rich guy anyways? What does it say about you as a person, if you only date rich men? Are you going to take it all with you? If you really want to trade sex for money, just put an ad in L.A Weekly, at least you’d be more honest about it.

I.Q. Prerequisite (L.A. has none): From politics to world events, the entire fucking city is out to lunch. The worse people in this intellectual wasteland of Los Angeles County, are the uneducated opinionated dimwits that talk just to hear their own voices. Sure you make look great on film, but really, if you don’t know what you are talking about, just shut the fuck up.

Politics: I myself am politically neutral; it’s hilarious to hear LA-LA heads blubber senselessly about things they know nothing about. These are the people driving hummers, who bitch about Iraq, while stuck in gridlock! You wanna bitch about petroleum products, more power to you, just don’t buy anything made with non-recycled PLASTIC, or aspire to drive a car with more than 4 cylinders!

Lying about your heritage: I have loads of respect for Native American cultures, but I can’t fucking stand it when I hear chicks lie on about being 1/8 Cherokee or 1/64 Chippewa just to sound chic— it’s so freaken fake it’s utterly hilarious. Usually the benign toolbox-bastard on the other end of this conversation usually says something like “cool,” or “wow, I’d never have guessed it.” And if he’s an even bigger ass hat, he says something like “I have loads of respect for Native American cultures.”

Spiritual Bullshit: Full disclosure, depending on the day, I’m an atheist or agnostic. I generally respect other’s beliefs, unless they are based on fabricated L.A. spiritual-BULLSHIT!!! I’ve heard soooo much spiritual bullshit since I moved to L.A. that I’ve become a bigger advocate for organized religion. With organized religion at least I’d know where someone is coming from. Instead you meet women that say things like “I’m not religious.. I’m spiritual.. I don’t worship god.. I’m a part of god.” WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN!?? We are all working our asses off to make it in this town, so just settle the fuck down. You don’t have to loose your mind and start inventing religions to cope with the fact that you are hackneyed, talentless, hopeless, and a fucking moron. If you do want to make up your own religion, good for you, keep it to yourself you pathetic ass clown.

If you: laughed your ass off, are attractive, 21-30, wicked stable, and quasi-intellectual feel free to write me.

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