Originally Posted: 2004-09-29 4:43pm

Insane Cat w/lips, Plus $5.00, to good home.

The posting pretty much says it all -- this cat (beautiful charcoal gray color, beautiful coat, beautiful eyes, and lips - yes, lips - do all cats have these?) showed up at our house, we've kept her for a long time, and simply can't keep her any longer. Plus, she's insane.

Sweet as pie in the house, but when she gets outside, she terrorizes certain cats in the neighborhood, chasing them onto the roof of our neighbors house and cornering them until we throw rocks at her to get her to stop. Typically we don't get her to stop, but we do get the neighbors pissed off. No biggy - we don't like our neighbors. In fact, feel free to take them too.

She also likes to walk under cars, in full view of the drivers, just as they are ready to pull out of the driveway, forcing them to get out of the car, get on all fours, and see where she went. When they do, she smiles with those damn lips of hers. Her name is "Baby Gray," but she also goes by "Crazy Lips."

Did I mention that she's insane? The only cat in the neighborhood ever to be maced by the mailman. OK, that's not true, but only because the mailman couldn't get to her - she was under his truck, smiling away.

Yours for free, plus we'll give you $5.00 and our eternal thanks.

this is in or around Santa Monica

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