Originally Posted: 2004-03-29 7:15pm

I OD'd on love when I saw you OD at my party saturday night! - m4w

You were at my party in Beverly Hills this past weekend and there was a group of 6 of us playing Monopoly. I was the Anvil and you were the tophat. I told you that you were a mirror image of Ashley Judd but with a nicer rack and commented on how realistic your fake arm looked. And I'll never forget, you said exactly "speaking of mirror images, where's a mirror for this blow?" and you pulled out a bag of fluff. We all did a few lines with my orange $500's that I had from all of my hotels, and you even flashed me your community chest. But then like 10 minutes later, I noticed blood drops all over Baltic Ave and some on Altantic and Marvin Gardens and looked up and it was coming from your nose, which looked like it saw more snow than Sonny Bono doing the downhill at 80. You thanked me a lot for noticing and I grabbed a kleenex and we then started to make out but your friends dragged you away. I didn't know any of them by the way, but they were hot so I couldnt resist. I hope you're ok by now. I think your stuff might have been cut with Tide.

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