Originally Posted: 2003-12-04 7:48pm

Scientist Girlfriend Action Figure

Scientist Girlfriend Action Figure

by Web Booty Biz

Price: not for sale

Availability: formerly only in San Francisco

This awesome looking replica evokes all the qualities of the original!

Action features include multiple points of articulation, dog, motorcycle, computer, truck/farm implement, party clothes, hiking boots, airline tickets. Also has inaction capabilities.

This figure comes with nose ring, tattoo, eyeglasses, student I.D., and New Yorker magazine.

The SGAF package includes the following backdrops: supercross, opera, biology lab, cave, kitchen, rainforest, library, couch, and rodeo.

Approximate appropriate age range: 30 to 38
Dimensions:: 5'8", 39-29-40
Production Materials: 1 egg, 1 sperm, nutrients x 34 years, piss and vinegar

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Editorial Reviews

This brown haired, blue eyed figure sounds witty and adventuresome. In RL, she is down-to-earth as well. She is most suitable for an articulate, brainy, offbeat, laid back, trustworthy companion who likes food, connection and sex.

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