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We met on Craigslist - m4w

And somehow fell in love. Awwwwww... Looks ridiculous writing that. Writing about love. I'm a guy for chrissakes. I watch football. And yet it doesn't make it any less true.

Bored at work, I posted something random on MC, having discovered it looking for cheap patio furniture. She wrote me, against her better judgement she remarked, to say it was funny. No big deal. Would've been easy to forget, dismiss, delete, move on. But instead I wrote her back. Again, nothing much, just something little.

But the little became more, and then the more soon became, well, pretty soon we were emailing back and forth like crazy. Pages. Long, short, funny, weird, and just full of some of the most unusual coincidences... things we saw, or thought, or heard, places we had been at the same time. We could have met, did we already meet? No, but we figured out that there had probably been days in our past when we were no more than a few feet apart, missing each other because of... what? timing? luck? fate?

We could have met in a number of places, but instead we met on Craigslist. Life is funny sometimes. I mean, Craigslist!?! Never in a million years would I have ever predicted something like this. never. There may be guys out there who meet girls on the internet - perverts, shut ins, you know what I'm talking about, thrice divorced fifty year olds with bad toupees. just wasn't my thing.

But it was nothing short of amazing, and intense, and strange, and easy, and unique. Even when I wasn't writing her, I was writing her, in my head. I was looking around at girls in bars and restaurants and walking on the street wondering if she was there, if that was her. That girl in the car stopped at the light? Ordering a drink at the bar? Eating that burger? Walking into that store? Looking at CDs? Crossing the street? Was that her?

It was crazy. I didn't know what she looked like. She coulda been anyone. We never swapped pictures. Just stories, and thoughts, and words. Just us. Just the important stuff.

She was basically just this girl who lived inside my computer. I felt very weird about the whole thing. But it was a good weird, too. The weird where you can't sleep and think and are just so damn distracted because this strange girl who you could have met but never did keeps writing the most funny, amazing, interesting stuff to you and you don't even know what she looks like. That kinda weird. Think about it. That's one hell of a strange ride to be on.

And so we met finally of course. at a bar, each of us armed with a protective shield of friends. And too much booze. And no picture, just a mental image and description.

It was a disaster. The bar was dark, and packed, and everyone looked like they were looking around looking for someone. EVERYONE. They all seemed to fit her description. Dark hair, dark eyes, short. Fuck, man, every girl in this bar has dark hair, dark eyes, and is short.

I called her on her cell (we had finally exchanged numbers a few days before but had barely spoken). Where are you? I'm here, where are you? here, in the back. Ok, I'm coming right now...

And through the back walked three girls. There she was, in the middle, exactly liked she described - dark hair, dark eyes, short.

But nooooo, silly boy with too much Jack Daniels in him. Seems dark hair is subjective - to me it means black, to others, its much more of a reddish brown. And what's short when you're wearing 5 inch platform shoes! Yes, I was led astray, in my opinion, just wrong in hers, nevertheless, we managed to finally get it right. I think back now and don't know how it could have ever been anyone else.

It's been exactly three months today since she first wrote me. When I think about how we met the whole thing still seems so strange and unlikely. so unexpected.

We've kept all those emails. It's dorky. and romantic. Like having a transcript of your first date, that first amazing conversation you have when you fall in love with somebody. I think we're pretty lucky. I think I'm pretty lucky.

Craigslist. Who would have thought? Life is funny sometimes. Pretty great too.

I love you baby.

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