Originally Posted: 2003-08-31 1:08am

Flagging on RNR is B.S.

I am so sick of this happening to my fellow posters and me. We say nothing against the "conduct violations." What we say may be "patently offensive content," but YOU agreed to not be "bothered" and you "understand" our post may contain such content.

I mean seriously... A man who loved all things about the net created CL. Well this is it baby! And, it is with-in a well-defined area. If you don't like what is said under RNR then go back to the rest of the posts, rather get out of CL totally.

It is people like you, and the CL volunteers who condone suck actions, that make me want to burn my Craigslist tee shirt. Shit, man this sight was all about freedom from corporate, political, and other general outside bullshit! Don't turn a great thing bad.

If you are wondering I have been a part of the CL community since there were no other cities represented, and the main page looks like Phoenix's does now.
We are all a part of a "net"-revolution here. Do not remove people, new or old, that will be your (our) biggest advocate.

And if you are some Religious fundamentalist or otherwise anti-American, the Come out and present us all with your rant and rave: don’t just say no.

Please. O'God Please.

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