Originally Posted: 2003-08-26 1:40pm

Craving a Missed Connection?

Looking to not be able to talk to the hipsters while listening to good music in the vein of the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., and Teenage Fanclub?

Check out LOS BLIPS, 9:30pm, at Zen Sushi, 2609 Hyperion Ave. Silverlake, 323-665-2929

There's no pressure to like the music because it's only five bucks.
There's no pressure to score because there's always Missed Connections tomorrow morning for posting.
There's no pressure to be hungry for Japanese food because Zen Sushi is also a Japanese restaurant. Fancy that.

The first 1000 (?) people get a free LOS BLIPS sticker. Sure, they are printed on my work's copier labels, they don't really stick after a minute or so to anything that's not paper and I made them in Microsoft Word Version 98 but they are FREE, free to you and even better, free to me.

What are you planning to do with a Tuesday night? Sleep? Attend a Landmark Forum seminar? Cruise Trader Joe's at 3rd and La Brea (those people are ridiculously beautiful ((we'll form a plan at Zen Sushi on how to poison their soy milk)))? Drink yourself into a stupor wondering why you don't have a sig other or even a Missed Connection? Sure, these things sound entertaining, but doesn't finding a potential Missed Connection sound more like something that will put a spring in your step?

Haven't you wanted to post on Missed Connections? What is stopping you?

Throw caution to the wind and come out to see LOS BLIPS rip up the stage at Zen Sushi performing such classic hits as, "You're My Missed Connection," "Connection Junction, What's Your Function?" and "How did I Make Best-of-Craigslist?," followed by, "Rant and Rave Unless You're Racist," "Men Seeking Women Unless They're Seeking Men," and my personal fave, "Let's Turn Activity Partners Into Casual Encounters."***

So let's go over the reasons to see Los Blips:
(x) good music
(x) potentially missing a connection
(x) potentially getting laid
(x) sushi
(x) cheap good music
(x) free sticker

Also playing Killola, Delta Love Gun, Pleasure Farm (I know nothing of these bands. I do not vouch for these bands.)

***Poster did not get permission from band to change names of songs in order to entice Craigslist readers, nor did poster get permission from band for cheesy promo posting. Poster will probably lose volunteer position as promoter.

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