Originally Posted: 2003-08-15 4:57pm

from luna del sol to my bathroom floor - i needed you this morning

I write this shortly after I threw four of my best towels in the trash, all because I couldn't find you... Your absence really affected me, and now I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you. Where should I begin?

Yesterday, I was starving and really craving good Mexican and I remembered someone telling me about an excellent vegetarian Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. So, after a few minutes of internet searching, I found it. Luna del Sol Cafe.

Looking at the menu and smelling the food... I was in heaven. I quickly ordered a tamarindo to drink, some nachos with veggie chorizo, and the tofu with mole sauce. The meal was incredible. I ate well beyond my capacity, and was in pain for hours...

Fast-forward to the next morning. This morning. I woke up with my intestines brimming with excrement. I grabbed the LA weekly from the kitchen table, and ran to the bathroom, just making it in time. I was on the toilet for a good twenty burning minutes, enough to plan my entire weekend and read some reviews from reviewers I would never take seriously. After another 5 minutes of careful and painful wiping, I flushed the toilet, only to watch the brownish water level rise while massive turds spun around. It was then I needed you most. I looked under the sink right next to the toilet where you always are, and you were gone. I quickly ran to the other bathroom to grab you. I ripped through empty bottles of detergent and liquid plumber only to find you triple-wrapped and double knotted in plastic bags from Alberton's. I frantically ripped through the bags while running to the other bathroom, but it was TOO LATE. Whole turds and liquid diarrhea were everwhere...

Why did you hide from me when I needed you most?

My missed connection? The Plunger.

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