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Originally Posted: 2003-06-15 2:52pm

Male needed to pour my garbage on

I have a bunch of junk in my fridge that I want to get rid of. I figure instead of dropping everything in my trash can (how boring is that?), I can get some dipshit guy to come over, get naked in my bathtub, and I'll pour my rancid crap all over him. I've got old ravioli, lots of beans, something I think was ham, red-now-green tomato sauce, spinach surprise, you name it.

Remember, there is not even the possibility you will get sex. You must be an extremely desperate and pathetic male to answer this post. But hey, if you really can't sink any lower, come over to my pad and I'll pour this crap all over you.

Explain to my why you are such a sorry excuse for a male, and why you think you are worthy of my garbage.

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