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Originally Posted: 2003-06-11 2:49pm

Notice to women - again


Ladies (and others I guess), thanx so much for the awesome replies. I just logged on today and saw all the activity on my topic. It started out as a FYI, it then turned into an example and then evolved into an actual experience(s). I would like to respond to the last few ladies who kindly gave their view of a womans perspective on the man reciprocating the practice.

A woman I was dating approximately 7 years ago was in the middle of giving me head. Fantastic head, the kind of blow job that made my eyes cross, my abs flex and my groan retract like one would do if they had to pee so bad and they were trying to hold it in for an hour longer than they should. The bj's weren't always like that, but more so than not. She also liked to give what I call a true hummer. She would engulf my marbles with her whole mouth (she could stretch her mouth wide, I was impressed) and proceed to hum some tune - she found the national anthem to be of special amusement. Often though she couldn't bring me to orgasm giving a hummer because of the sheer silliness of trying to hum - we would usually end in laughter just a few bars into the song and then she would settle back down onto my rigid staff.

Anyway, she was performing some classical piece, maybe Mozart, and instead of inhaling air through her nose this one particular time she opened her mouth just enough to suck in air. The feeling was sensational, my twins comfortably and delicately perched just above vocal box were hot and wet from the temperature and moisture from her mouth. So when she took a breath of oxygen through her mouth, the small openings between her stretched lips and my skin allowed the outside air to rapidly suck in causing a cool and somewhat chilling affect to the air. It, in a sense, made everything icy-hot. My eyes rolled back for a moment. It was during this suck air through the mouth moment that caused a loose pubic hair to be pulled, or rather sucked, rapidly towards the back of her throat and start down her windpipe. What happened next is somewhat hard to explain.

There I was, in total bliss, concentrating on the dot on the far wall, allowing my attention to not be distracted. Hoping for my first orgasm by hummer. Not that day. The hair lodged in the back of her throat, almost into her windpipe. She immediately gagged. NOT A GOOD TIME GO GAG! My future children, once so delicately and comfortably resting near her vocal box, were suddently tugged extremely hard away from my body. I quickly looked down and realized she was trying to pull away as fast as she could. Though she realized the precariousness of the situation and immediately launched forward so as to not detach my testicles from my body. But as she did that my balls were forced deeper into her mouth almost causing the whole process to repeat itself. My brother Darlys had no idea what was going on. She couldn't dislodge them fast enough and she pulled away again, this time her mouth naturally closing in a small choking fit. When she pulled away that second time, with her mouth instinctively closing I felt pain. Pain like an innocent child rather violently pulling on the family dogs ears thinking its a fun game. Like the dog, I was not amused and winced from the pain but also lurched forward cradling her head with my hands, her mouth with my fingers, to help her dislodge the important half of my manhood (is there actually an important half, don't they share the same importance). With the help of my fingers I managed to pry her mouth open. She was drooling, wheezing and hacking as my marbles popped out her mandible trap. I sighed in relief as I inspected my nether regions for brusing or cuts. Though I quickly returned my attention to her because now, fresh with oxygen, she continued hacking like a kitten spitting up its first hair ball. It was lodged. Completely. It was affecting her breathing and her mental state. Nothing was said but I looked on in complete fascination at the specticle unfolding in front of me. She reached her fingers into her mouth to try and unwedge the lone culprit. This did no good because she apparently tickled the back of her throat just a little to long. Her breath ceased, she lundged foward on to both hands, her neck arched out - face as red as a beet - and proceeded to do minor dry heave at my feet. Naturally, I moved them. After the initial gag reflex subsided she arched her head and gulped a huge amount of air. This did something. Apparently it the culprit pube found a new purchase in her throat and she realized she could change her tactic and getting rid of the unvited guest. Like a child watching a magician I watched in complete awe as she began suck air through her nose simultaneously snorting from deep within her throat, much like one would do one trying to cough up a lougie. About her third of fourth time doing this her eyes began to water and she looked at me in amazment, in wonder, as if something had just occurred to her. In fact something did occur to her, the invader had moved again. The lougie coughs stopped, the gasping stopped. She quickly sucked air through her nose in tiny little breaths, quick succession ones, five, six, seven times. It, and she, stopped. Again, six, seven, and eight times. Suddenly, she sniffed her head back launced forward sneezing into her upright hands. The room was quiet, she was still, I was frozen with intrigue. She looked at her hands and there lying her right palm was a two inch hair, twisted and curled, glistening with a variety of body fluids meant to stay in the body. She snorted. I burst into an amazed laughter. She sighed heavily for a moment. I continued to laugh, though quietly for I realized the volunerability of the situation and didn't want to piss her off. She looked at me, eyes watering. I stopped laughing, not knowing what to expect next. She then said something that forever changed my perspective on the stated topic of this whole posting, she said, "Man, you need to shave that shit!". I rolled back onto the couch laughing at the silliness and stupidity of the situation: one of those awkward sex moments. And before I could even sit back up again she was busily working my still hard dick. She was determined. And I appreciated her for that.

That is my story and my realization. The realization that, yes, woman need to groom the hedges and wash the fruit, but apparently, so do men. I have shaved ever since and now, as I am fast approaching 31, I feel unkept and unclean when I let it grow longer than a mouse hair. The ladies are right men: shave the forest and bare the balls for it will allow you deep within her halls.

Some of you ladies mentioned the opportunity to know more. If you were serious, email me at the address from the original posting, otherwise, enjoy the POSTs. I tested emailing myself from the email address given to my post, and it wasn't relayed back to me. Don't know if it works for others but that would pose a problem for anyone trying to get ahold of me privately. Thoughts?

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