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Concrete Barrier/Block/PUMPKIN BLOCK

Free concrete block. If you can move it, you can have it. It's located in Jackson. It's 200 feet from the nearest property line (not a few inches, not a couple of feet, but 200 feet). My neighbor put it on my property and the police say it's up to me to get rid of it. Same with code enforcement, there's nothing they can do because I didn't put it there. As you can see, he left enough room for all his friends to drive through on their ATV's originally (picture on the right), but not enough room for me to get my truck or camper trailer back on my property for storage.

Well as soon as I can post a new picture you'll notice that the "FREE" has changed. While I was at work (7/24/13), the (in my own personal opinion-psychotic) neighbor came 200 feet across my property and turned the block around with his front end loader so the "FREE" was facing the back. If you look at the photo you can see the street is now behind it. I had to repaint it. It's now yellow with black outlines. And painted with reflective paint so it can be seen at night.

Jackson PD says they still can't do anything about it.

Contact me using the-mail link and I will be there when you remove it.

October 2, 2013. Came home last night and he dumped a bucket load of dirt on it with his back-hoe to cover the "FREE". Called Jackson PD and they took a report. Out I go today to move the dirt with a shovel.

On a brighter note...I used the two truck fulls of dirt to fix the gully at the end of my driveway! Nothing better than something for free when you need it and it was delivered!

Update Oct. 6, 2013...


It looks like I'm going to have it for awhile, but I've considered repainting it for Thanksgiving.

The thought has entered my head to paint it as a:

Turkey 3 times, and
Santa's sled, 1 time, and
A bale of hay 1 time, and
A Pilgrim's hat 1 time.

Seriously...anyone want a big pumpkin? You'll need to bring a few friends and a truck.


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