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Originally Posted: 2014-05-17 4:22pm

Barn Kittens: Blood Thirsty Sisters Free to a Good Home

We have two kittens in need of a new home. Now, when I say kittens, I know you're expecting two lovable fluff balls that you could bond and cuddle with. I assure you that this is not the case.

These sisters are two unstoppable forces of hell fire and lightning. They were born for the sole purpose of wrecking the day of any candy ass mouse, rat, or hippy that is unfortunate enough to cross their path.

What's that? You wanna pet them?
Good luck, mother fucker!

These little rage cannons will leave you feeling empty as they neglect you to further their search for prey. But if you can respect them and leave well enough alone, the sisters will keep your home rodent free and you'll love them for it.

Name: Mew
Color: Calico
Bio: This cat is all business all the time. Of the two, she is easily the most vicious. She was born when the waves of Poseidon crashed upon the last saber tooth tiger. The result - the living embodiment of fear in the eyes of all mouse kind.

Color: Russian Blue
Bio: The more stealthy of the duo, Lady Espurr prefers clinging to the shadows, patiently awaiting the perfect moment to strike. Though not quite as vicious as Mew, she is still a trained killer with a heart of ice and a hunger for murder.

These kittens are not kid friendly.
They don't like people.
They feel no pain and cannot be reasoned with.

But if you need barn cats to get rid of rats and other such pests, they're your girls.
Sorry I can't enclose pics. As with all evil entities their image can't be captured on film and I'm too scared to try.

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