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Originally Posted: 2003-07-11 1:03am

any athlete will do

I'm looking for any pro athelete in the Denver area (please no rapids players). Broncos, Avalanche, rockies, even nugs. Although, I'll probably even settle for an assistant manager at a car dealership.

I'm 5'5-5'9, 21-26 with dyed blond hair and a great figure (eating disorders will do wonders!). My hobbies include chillin with my girls (who are almost as cute as me!), staying at least 2 years behind ny and london fashion, being late to my office manager job (ok secretary) and hanging out at cheesy clubs like alley catz, the purple martini, and the funky buddha.

I like men who are weathly and athletic (professional that is), I also like cute men who wear shiny shirts and pretend to be wealthy. If this is you, go ahead and buy me 4 or 5 red bull and vodka's.

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