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Originally Posted: 2005-04-29 11:58am

graduate school teacher... take a hint

You've been reposting for several pathetic weeks now. I take that as a sign that you have gotten no response. You either have a PhD or are in the process of getting one, which I presume means you are reasonably intelligent. But perhaps your raging lust has clouded your judgment. So let me spell out the possibilities that you apparently have overlooked. Given the silence of your young padawan, one of the following four situations is the case:

1) The chick doesn't read CL
2) The chick does read CL but doesn't know who you are because you're so fucking vague you could be any graduate teacher with a penis in the city
3) The chick does read CL, recognizes you, and wants you, but she doesn't want to pursue anything until after you're no longer her teacher (perhaps because she has some ethical standards you apparently lack)
4) The chick reads CL and recognizes you, but she is more interested in shooting you in the meatus with a black powder rifle than she is in having sex with you.

In none of these cases does continuing to post your wimpy little message help your chances of getting hot teacher-student love. So kindly shut the fuck up and let me get back to reading missed connections with Starbucks barristas, L passengers, and dudes walking their dogs in Lincoln park.

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