Originally Posted: 2005-04-21 9:36pm

Cute boy riding the Segway with the paintball gun and Aviators

I was rocking out to the new 'Garbage' album on my iPod shuffle, and I felt a presence… someone coming behind me. I hit the mute button on my shuffler, which was strategically mounted on the collar of my green shawl. Taking a quick look behind me, I saw the blur… you, 5'9, dark hair… the blur was due to the cataract in my left eye. You were cruising pretty slow on your majestic white steed of coolness, and one handed at that. Your other hand held tightly a paintball gun.


The first one went ricocheting past that old broad across the street. It hit the window of that arcade.


Three shots at that small asian man. I wasn't sure if you were racist, or campaigning against the Post Office. The THONK sound that hit the post office mailbox made my skin crawl… in a good way.

Yells starting emitting from the bus station, as someone yelled 'Drive by shooting!'. The crowd was panic stricken, but we locked eyes as you drove by. You pulled your glasses down your nose and smiled at me. I'll never forget that look.

As you cruised around the corner up Sheffield past Pizza Capri, you opened fire at the two homeless men standing in front of the liquor store. You then put the pedal to the metal, and took off into the darkness. Congratulations - you got one square in the cheek.

I yearn for you - I haven't seen any man command that sense of adrenaline in such a large crowd of people in a long time.

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