Originally Posted: 2005-04-20 1:44pm

Craig, We Need a "Worst of" Craigslist

The "Best of" has been wonderful. For many of us, sadly, it's the highlight of our month. Even though the "Best of" list's quality seems to have fallen off a bit lately, it's still pretty damn good, much better in terms of entertainment value than 99.999999. . .% of all other media, in fact.

Like too many media consumers, unfortunately, we want more. I want more. No, sucking on the Craigslist teat (though the milk is not as sour, bitter or unhealthy as say watching something on the WB) in its current form, it is not enough.

How about a special "Worst of Craigslist" section? I'm talking give all of us Craigslist junkies a fix that we might regret: Every single post removed by the Craigslist community. Every single post that has been flagged for "Worst of." In fact, clicking on the a shiny new "Worst of" button can open up a submenu by which to classify a post as "Worst of." For example:

Please flag this post for "Worst of" with care:
[Stupid Shit] [Racist/Sexist Shit] [Ignorant Shit] [Sick Shit] [Redundant Shit ("I Hate Fatties" and other CL Clich├ęs)]

Access to the "Worst of" can require registration, be password protected and have its own "this is some fucked up shit" warning message and even more extensive, "it's not CL's fault if you're screwed-up enough to look at this shit" Terms of Service message.

What do you say Craig? How about a "Worst of?" I'm even willing to bet that some of us would pay money for access to this (possible) section, all the profits of which can be donated to your favorite charities.

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