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Originally Posted: 2005-04-08 2:33pm

RAVE: I still can't sop thinking about this...

I left the bar on tuesday night with a nice buzz on. A bunch of stragglers from the show were hanging around deciding where to go afterwards. Exausted, I stepped towards the cab I had called to take me home. The cabbie popped the trunk for me to put my banjo in without me asking. That's always a good sign.
I slipped into the back of the green car and announced my destination. Without a word and only a nod to show he'd heard me, we were off. I sank into the leather seat and let the entire day wash out of me.


The sound of a tape being inserted into a car-stereo. I was too tired to wonder what this dark-skinned indian man wanted to share with me. I'd taught 3 hours of lessons and played about 4 hours of music on top of that. I had reached my saturation level. Still, it was easier for me to listen than it was to think.

This recording had been transferred to casette from a record. The crackling was so apparant that I could almost see the warped record wobbling on an old mono-turnta