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favorite this post Okay Craig, You're Really Starting to Piss Me Off

I'm sick--yes, SICK--of clicking on the "Best of" link and seeing "Any Furries out there?" as the most recent update. I don't have anything in particular against furries (freaks though they may be), but damn it Craig, this furry post is dated December 16. It is now January 18. What gives?

You used to update this wonderful list every two weeks or so, but now. . .? Is it that there just isn't enough good stuff being nominated to warrant more frequent updating? Or are you conducting some sort of experiment on those hopelessly addicted to your list? Just being lazy?

I am a bug on the end of a pin, squirming, jonesin' for a Best Of update. Please, please, please let me get what I want (fuck you, Morrissey), give me what I need and update that list today! It's been over a month. I can now quote certain passages from the most recent update by heart. Maddox used to get me through these dry spells, but now he updates his site about as often as you update the Best Of (his "eleven worst songs of 2004" was a classic, but that was posted on 12/29). Craig, if you have a heart, you'll update soon and more often.

To my fellow CL addicts: Please help me get through this dry spell. I am stuck in a cubicle under a flickering, soul-sucking florescent light, and I am looking for serious ways to put off doing work. If you can recommend any good sites that will help alleviate the withdrawal pains I'm going through, I would sincerely appreciate it. I know not much out there can match up to the "Best of" to us CL addicts, but I'll take the methadone over the heroin today. Please help.

I have a serious case of the CL

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