Originally Posted: 2004-12-02 1:33am

p.o.s. couch

I have a crappy blue couch that the previous tenant of my studio left behind. My dog and cats love to sleep on it. There are threads sticking out all over the place. I am not even going to try to sugarcoat it: this couch is a piece of shit.

HOWEVER... it is comfortable for sitting. It does not smell particularly bad. With a slipcover, it might actually be tolerable. If you are some poor struggling artist/musician/generic slacker, this is the FREE couch for you. It's in my second floor apartment, and you'd have to move it, but hey, I'll help. And it's actually very very very surprisingly lightweight. As in, I have no problem propping it up against the wall by myself when I feel like clearing space for a one-woman dance party. But perhaps I've said too much.

Please come take this couch away from me so I can replace it with something better and start anew. Oh please.

ALTERNATIVE TO KEEPING THIS CRAPPY COUCH: You can just help me carry it down the stairs to the dumpster. For this service, I will give you cookies. Who doesn't love cookies?!!

It looks like this (cute furry animals not included, but you can pet them when you come pick it up).

this is in or around wrigleyville

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