Originally Posted: 2004-08-13 12:07pm

RAVE: Turkey Sandwich - best $5.21 spent. EVER

So after reading the thread of turkey sandwich posts, I thought of my favorite place to go for lunch: Jaffa's Bagels in Northwestern/Ogilvie train station. I don't know why they call it a bagel place because they should call it, "Place That Makes the Best Fucking Turkey Sandwich in Chicago." Anyway, someone had mentioned it before in a previous post and it sent my salivary glands into hyperdrive, forming a little puddle on my keyboard.

So, they've got a carved up turkey sitting behind the glass like it was Thanksgiving, except I wasn't watching my uncle get hammered and my vegan sister complain about gelatin in cranberry sauce. None of that external shit was there. It was just me and the turkey; a perfectly-roasted golden brown turkey is swimming in a basin of it's own tasty, succulent, fatty, juices. It looks absolutely angelic under the halo of heat lamps and little stars coming from the gentle flash of metal tongs and ladles.

[insert harp music and choral accompaniment here]

"Light or dark meat?" the aproned guy asks, as I temporarily snap out of my trance. "Uh, I'll have dark, please," I dreamily respond, watching him saw through a wheat bun and then carve bits of meat from the thigh of the massive bird.

[sops up drool with tissue]

Anyway, I take my prize back to a table, remove the foil, inhale the poultry-infused steam, and take a big bite.

Oh. My. God.

My mouth is freaking out. The crisp, cold, lettuce; the soft, warm, bread; the slightly tangy mayo; and the turkey! Holy Jebus, it's damn fine turkey. It's warm, soft, smooth, and feels great in my mouth. Right then, I realized:

This sandwich is better than cock.

It's been a few weeks and I still haven't told my boyfriend about me and the turkey sandwich, but I'm hoping that one day we can have a threesome.

this is in or around Northwestern/Ogilvie Station

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