Originally Posted: 2004-06-24 12:04pm

What I've Learned From Missed Connections

Guys didn't talk to the girl because they "couldn't think of what to say." Girls don't talk to the guy because they "didn't have the courage." I think the girls are being a bit more honest here.

Lots of people have the same initials.

The Aon Building is filled with guys that are creepy losers.

Guys describe their missed connections by saying they are "hot" (if that qualifies as a description). Girls tend not to describe their guy missed connections, instead they describe themselves. And usually they do that by only describing what they were wearing. Attraction is all about the female. Guys like girls because they look good and girls like guys who make them feel like they look good.

When people write unspecific posts about exes, we all think they are talking about us.

Lots of people want to ask out really good looking people. They don't because they know they will get rejected. Later their mind tells them they should have tried and they kick themselves. So they post on MC, partly thinking it will work not realizing how difficult and awkward it would be for the MC to reply to an anonymous post. Our first instinct was the best.

And the last thing I've learned, I'll never see that cute red-head girl with the glasses from last night's red line again in my life.

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