Originally Posted: 2004-06-23 8:31am

MC with zombie(?) at Loyola stop - w4z

You were wearing a black wool sweater, and I thought "man, she must be really hot in that." Then it occurred to me that you wouldn't be warm if you were, say, a vampire. Which is totally illogical, because if you were a vampire, the morning sun would cause you to immediately combust. So then I realized you were probably a zombie. However, you didn't appear to be interested in devouring the brains of those standing nearby. On the other hand, you were awfully thin. I know there's a lot of pressure these days, even on the undead, to look all bone-skinny like the models in those silly magazines, but I am a nutritionist, and I know for a fact that a young zombie like you needs brains to grow healthy and strong. So if you would like to eat some of my brain (and maybe turn me into a zombie too), that would be fine, since I'm kind of bored with my job and would not mind wreaking havoc with you in or around Rogers Park/Edgewater. On a strictly platonic basis, of course, as I am not into lesbian zombie sex, though I fully realize the camp value. Please reply to this only if you are really a zombie.

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