Originally Posted: 2004-05-06 4:48pm

favorite this post RANT: People Who Should Be Killed on the 156 LaSalle Street Bus

People who need to be killed on the 156 LaSalle bus at 8am.

1. Smelly armpit man Ė just because there are handrails above your head, doesnít mean that you have to share your BO with the entire bus. And before work, nonetheless. Have you ever heard of showers?

2. Verizon ringtone guy Ė just because youíve only recently received your Verizon phone in the mail, doesnít mean that you need to share all of your ringtones with the whole bus. PICK ONE ALREADY! And donít pick the Verizon one, as it is the most annoying and people will want to kill you.

3. Art school girls Ė just because the two of you are roomies and love to ride the bus together to your over-priced art school that will get you nothing but an unemployment check, doesnít mean that you should knock everyone down with your oversized, fancy leather portfolios and the tubes you carry over your shoulders that house your ďartĒ. Get over yourselves.

4. Neck craning woman Ė I know you are pissed that I wonít move farther back on the bus, but I donít feel like standing plastered up against smelly armpit guy. Stop craning your neck around me to show me that thereís more room to move to the back of the bus. Are you mute? Are your feet broken? I donít care if you want me to move back. I paid my buck seventy-five and I need a little room.

5. Woman who exits at Chicago Ave- You know you work on Chicago Avenue. You go there five times a week. So why do you sit in the middle of the bus and then yell when you canít get out? Take the brown line.

6. Mushroom hair girl Ė you know who you are. You need a new haircut. And fast. And your over made-up face is not fooling anyone.

7. Gum smacking MP3 girl- Question: are you blasting your MP3 so that you donít have to hear yourself smack your gum? I want to poke your eyes out.

Thank you for riding the CTA.

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