Originally Posted: 2004-03-22 4:49pm

Bucktown/Wicker Park super hip rocker guy

Your Diesel jeans so perfectly dirty... your short-sleeved vintage t-shirt just distressed enough - under it a long-sleeved thermal (with a pre-made tear on the elbow) capped off the look. Loved the Pumas and trucker hat. Also loved the Colin Ferril leather cuffs. You were smoking Parliaments and drinking Old Style ('cause you're so ironic.) I overheard your discussions about how some band's older stuff was way better, and the side project they did in the late 80's was totally misunderstood. (I can't believe they sold out either.) And yeah, I too heard that special on NPR about the jazz great nobody ever heard of but was totally influential to those other guys nobody ever heard of. (I don't even own a tv either.) I tried to catch you as your jumped on your ten speed (I'm guessing your rusty olive green Vespa was in the shop) but you couldn't hear me yell. Must've been the oversized 70's headphones. If this is you, please leave our city. Thank you.

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