Originally Posted: 2003-11-13 4:50pm

Silly Hoochie with the prada shoes - m4w

Lunch today, corner bakery at wash/wells.

First I had to stand in line listening to you banter on and on with my friend about your damned shoes. Then you ask me if it's a real rolex I'm wearing (no, I love to sport falsie's with my fucking suit on) then you say you have a friend "I'd just love, for sure") It was everything I could do to not grab a baguette and have at you like a drunken viking. Thank god for crowds. Nice pick on the lunch place, by the way.

Word - you're all stuffs and things, baby. And your little materialistic palsies with equally vapid interests would be less interesting to me than a cartload of djembe banging hippie chicks on a nitrous bender. Please read something, soon, before you mind becomes a sinister wishlist for the likes of Michael Bay? Kill your television, before it kills you, PLEASE!! Reality TV is not interesting conversation to educated adults.

Finally, I'm not into "nerdy girls". I'm into smart, sexy, funny and fascinated women who have interests, and pursue them, who can hold conversations with just about anyone, who think critically, and have the balls to blow off prada for some funky boots and not think it makes them look cheap. You, my dear, are cheaper than a McNuggett, and just about as tasty.

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