Originally Posted: 2003-11-11 3:44pm

The guy I blew....

I missed you the other morning, thank god. You were getting on the el at Clinton headed south. I got a glimpse of you as the el passed by and I could tell you hadn't seen me, but I recognized you right away. I gave you a blow-job about a year ago after a wedding reception. I thought I had erased all memory of slurping away on your teeny-tiny weenie, but alas I was traumatized anew at the site of you. If you did see me, you mercifully said nothing. Despite the fact that you told me I gave you the "best head ever". Oh yeah sweetie, that made me want to pick-up the phone when you called me incessantly for the next several months.

That was pity head, baby. I felt bad for you, with that gimpy eye and all. I mean really, I am a lesbian most of the time- and I have given out only a handful of blow-jobs in my life. Alhtough I think I munch a fierce box, I couldn't be that good in the penis department. Plus I had gum in my mouth, which I later realized must have gotten matted into your pubes even though I tried to shoved it in-between my teeth and lip. That must have been fun to get out...I bet you were minty for days.

So why you? Why would a 90% lesbo give you head? It wasn't all pity- nope. I was lonley. My girlfriend and I had just split up, I wanted to feel sexy and needed, I was really blasted and well, these things sometimes happen. You had the smallest penis I ever saw, anywhere. I mean really, I had no idea it was even errect. This is a good thing for a full-time carpet-muncher, there was no gagging involved, so perhaps your hopes for hot lesbian loving will some day be fufilled again. Just not by me. The experience was one I would like to forget again.

So glad I didn't have to face you. It's just easier for my damaged inner-child this way.

I hope this doesn't given any one false hope that they can "convert" a girl and get some action. It just doesn't happen that way boys. But if you have a very tiny peeny perhaps you could play the butch part and pretend it's a big clit. You might have better luck.....

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