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Originally Posted: 2003-09-17 10:58pm

female alien seeks earthling male for experiment

hello reader.


all is relatively well throughout the universe's multi-dimensional continuum. my arrival on earth is devoid of dire political implications.

posing as an "anonymous citizen" i am able to thoroughly enjoy the good midwestern life. many fun times have been encountered. this planet gets four stars. (yuk yuk "!".)


my traveling companions left on a pilgrimmage to texas. i remained behind because i have cubs fever. (joke "!".) they have been gone a long time. i now find myself in need of friendly stimulation.

reader: if you are the type who can be at ease with other species, perhaps we can form into "pals". i have many tests and procedures yet to carry out on this terrain, and would appreciate a "lab partner".

note: none of aforementioned experimentation involves anal probing. my regrets to those who were hoping.

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