Originally Posted: 2005-10-31 4:08pm

The W4M Code


In the spirit of the Geek Code (don't ask), effective immediately, please start preparing the following shorthand to your W4M posts. And put it in the title. It will save us all a lot of time.

If you are thick, zaftig, a BBW, "not a supermodel" or any of the other euphimisms for fat, you're fat. Say so: F. If you want to include your weight, just say: F(weight in pounds).

If you're a golddigger, come right out and say it. It will make it all easier. G$ means that you expect a dinner a week or so. G$$ means that you want us to buy you things, too. G$$$ means that you want us to give you regular cash (say how much you want per week in parantheses). And G$$$$ means that you want credit cards, high-end gifts, and the sky's generally the limit.

Just tell us how tall you want us to be. It will make it a lot easier. I won't have to open your ads if I'm not 6'5". Express height in inches, so H(74) means you want a guy at least 6'2".

If you want a black guy, or a white guy, or a latino, tell us. We don't want to have to look at your pictures and read what you want if we don't have to. Say R(W), R(AA) or R(L) to tell us what race we are supposed to be.

That's all the important stuff for now. You can leave out all the shit about how you are comfortable at the opera or Wrigley, in jeans or a cocktail dress, how you are very good-looking, love cats and all that other shit. We know. You're women. You're all like that.

As an example, if you are a fat chick looking for a 6 foot tall white guy who will buy you dinner once a week plus some occasional shit, you're a F G$$ H(72) R(W). That should be like half the ads on here. I'm sure the other guys will pipe in with more useful information and additions to the W4M code, and we can refine it for M4W, M4M, etc. and include all kinds of additional categoies.

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