Originally Posted: 2005-08-11 12:30pm

favorite this post The Code of the Elevator will be Obeyed!

First off, what in the why how hell are you breathing so hard in the fuckin elevator, man? We came in the fuckin building the same way...I didn't see any fuckin stairs. Why are you breathing so hard?

Second, the code. Obey the code. It must be obeyed! Everyone knows it. Just ride the elevator man. I know that its one of these interesting human phenomenons ...why don't we talk? why do we not make eye contact? etc. But you don't need to be the trailblazer that disrupts the eternal rhythm! I know its weird, like all human interaction stuff, but who fuckin cares. Obey the code...

Maybe you don't know the code.

Here is the code:

1) Don't talk unless you work in the same office, or something happens in the elevator that makes you in common (ie the elevator isn't working, gets stuck, etc)

2) Don't look at me when I'm sneaking my look at you. When I'm looking up at the numbers, or down at the floor, then you can take your look at me. If the elevator is mirrored or otherwise reflective, do the mirror-glance cautiously.

Thats the end of the code.

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