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favorite this post girls hating oral and anal sex

when girls say they hate oral and anal-

its cause most guys stink at it. i've told bf's i wasn't into getting oral-it was a total lie.

i just got bored of trying to teach them what i like-they just weren't getting it through their heads. some women have never even had good anal/oral so they don't even know that they are missing anything. horrible.

and if you can't get your chick to love anal-you're not much of a man, sorry.

real men have me begging for it. so-so nice guys i merely put up with it-usually i will not give up my ass to the unworthy though.

and no, its not about being treated poorly, you sad sacks. its about confidence, sex appeal and knowing how to touch a woman the right way.

if you can't get your gf hot with just a few light touches for the most part-that's pathetic.

you will never experience the full pleasure of being with a woman. while she may care for you, you will never be a true man in her eyes.

sorry to be harsh, but that's the truth.

all my real-man relationships-yes they ended. but it was much more amicably than the nice guys. the nice but stinky in bed men, wow i hate myself for this but god did i break their hearts. if you do not please a woman sexually she will grow to hate and resent you. if you can give her great pleasure, chances are she's either your forever, or she will always respect and think fondly of you.

and i am NOT saying that sex is all the man. of course the woman should look and act sexy, and please him as well. every woman should view sexual pleasure as a right and a necessity-its a damn shame how many women put up with crap sex. no wonder there are so many crazy bitches out there.

and if you *think* you're good..chances are you're not. i have lied to protect a man's ego-every woman has. we do it without thinking. bold faced lies, you're the best etc. fake moaning, you name it.

take nothing for granted gentleman.

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